Why WordCamp?

Building a website can sometimes feel like you’re in a maze. It’s hard to see the way through with so many different paths to choose from, obstacles in the way, and decisions to make.

Those who create and use websites for a living have been through the maze before, and learned lessons along the way. WordCamps are a way of sharing these lessons with each other, so that everyone — from professional bloggers, designers, developers to business owners and beginners — has the tools and guidance they need to tackle challenges.

WordCamps also inspire and excite us to try new things. They provide a way to make friends, meet potential business partners, and connect with WordPress leaders from around the region. They bring together people of all skill sets and perspectives to solve problems and think of new possibilities.

WordCamp Asheville

WordCamp Asheville attracts bloggers, business owners, designers, developers, and hobbyists from Western North Carolina and beyond for a weekend of learning, connection, and fun. Now in our second year, WordCamp Asheville is centered around growing our knowledge of WordPress together and forging the connections that allow individuals and businesses to succeed. We want WordCamp to spark those ah-ha moments that take you and your website to the next level.

WordCamp Asheville is an extension of the local Asheville WordPress Meetup group. After attending WordCamp Atlanta in 2013, several of the Meetup group’s attendees came together and decided that Western North Carolina needed their own event. After much hard work and a lot of help, WordCamp Asheville was born.

Creating a website doesn’t have to feel like running a maze when we connect with each other and learn. Come join us for a weekend of inspiration at the end of July. Join WordCamp Asheville!

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